Frequently Asked Questions

Does Raw really mean raw ?

Yes, the meat is uncooked. Doesn’t raw food make dogs sick? It is very unlikely. Dogs match the DNA of wolves at 99.98%. Dogs are members of Canis Lupus. They are carnivores with big pointy teeth meant for tearing and ripping. While they could get salmonella or Listeria, it’s very uncommon. Their guts have a PH level of around 1% which makes their belly very acidic and many bacteria that you and I would be susceptible to just don’t affect dogs. Since our journey on raw food began, our dogs have never been sick from their food.  

There is always a risk of handling raw meat for humans. We are susceptible to salmonella and must exercise good hand washing and cleaning practices whenever handling raw meat.

Balancing the mix

We use a ratio of 80% meat with bone, 10% organ (gizzards) 10% carbs- cooked yams The dogs get all their essential vitamins and amino acids from this combination. If we examine the human diet, we know that eating whole foods vs. processed food is a much healthier option for a variety of reasons: Limiting preservatives, additives, and processed foods is proven to ensure our longevity. Doesn’t it just make sense that our dogs benefit from the same type of eating? Add an answer here.

What are the benefits of a raw dog food diet?

Food Quality-  We eliminate the heavy starch loads found in kibble (even if you feed pea protein or sweet potato protein) the process of extrusion in cooking down kibble creates extra starches which have little nutritional value and cause sugar spikes just like heavy carb load in humans. The ingredients we use are human grade. There is no processing or cooking. We know with 100% certainty what our dogs are eating.

Gut bacteria- Raw diets provide a better gut bacteria and good gut bacteria is critical to good health.

Stool- your dog absorbs more of the nutrients and has an easier time digesting their food. Their poop is MUCH smaller and far less stinky. They don’t have all the excess indigestible content.

Coat- You will notice a big difference in your pups fur/coat. They are shinier and look healthier. d an answer here.

Taste - Your pup will be delighted with the taste. They lick their bowl clean every time.

Are you licensed and insured?

We are licensed with the State of CT and fully insured.

How do I determine how much to feed ?

Raw feeding is based on the dog's weight, age, and activity level. Lactating mothers and puppies require more calcium. We will help you ensure you are feeding the correct amount for your dog.

I heard dogs can't eat bones?

The chicken bones in our recipe are not cooked. They are ground along with the chicken meat. Raw bones are not brittle and do not splinter. We use a small grind dye and the bone chunks are small.

You can give your dog raw meaty bones. You should ALWAYS supervise your dog when you offer a raw meaty bone. We love to let our pups clean their teeth on uncooked bones.